Hello, my name is Adelinda Longo and I am the president of SDSU Research Foundation WIC. Thank you so very much for visiting this site and getting to know my company! Let me share my back ground, I want you to know who you are working with!

Since moving to San Diego, California a little over 10 years ago, I was up to last year a wholesale mortgage banker. I represented the banks that provided the money for people to buy the homes of their dreams. My job was to work with the mortgage brokers on how to structure your loan so my bank would provide the funds that allowed you to buy your home.

I noticed a growing trend, that people were being qualified to buy homes based only on bills that were on their credit report. But the banks were not considering the bills we all have each month that we have no choice but to pay. My banks did not consider your buying groceries, putting gas in your car to get to work, you phone bill, or what has become a very large monthly bill for most everyone now…YOUR MONTHLY POWER BILL!

About 2.5 years ago, a very unique product was shared with me. It was a reflective insulation product, that had very little R-value (R-5). But this product was suppose to reflect away the radiated heat from the sun, heat that my 15 year old insulation was not designed to handle.

I realized quickly that what caused my AC to run so much in the hot SC summer, was the radiated heat from the sun. Even a dummy like me knew it was hotter inside my home when the sun was out! If insulation would not stop the radiated heat from the sun, then re-insulating my home really was not the answer.

But this “SHIELD” against the radiated heat from the sun, seemed to be a great fix, exactly what I needed. I had it installed in my home! Because I had been in my home only 2 weeks, I was not able to look at my past power bills and determine how much money the “Energy Shield” was saving me. BUT I did notice how much cooler my home felt and how little my AC ran during these extremely hot California summers!

On the right side of this page, I have a description of my home. Let me add a couple of other items about my home! My attic exhaust fan does not work, I sell wonderful exhaust fans that work on solar power but never seem to have the time to get them in my home! I do not have ridge venting over the center of my roof.


billMy Average light bill is still $103.00 a month!!!


With 350 less sq ft and a home 20years newer as well as a 20yr newer more energy efficient heat pump, my average light bill was well over $280 a month at my old house! Are you beginning to see the picture!!!!

Check out my product page for a break down on the products and services we offer. I promise you, you will not only be amazed at the products and services we offer but what you will get is so much more than what I allow my salespeople to tell you. I want you to get more than you expect, if you do not, I feel like I fail you and I WILL NOT FAIL MY CUSTOMERS!

I am what we call “old school” in that my word is my bond. I guarentee every product we sell, my ability to suceed is tied directly to making sure each and every client I work with is 100% TOTALLY SATISFIED!


cropped-swc.pngMy Business

I put this company together in May of 2007. All I had at the time was the simple mission statement that I was going to reduce my clients monthly power bills by 40% or MORE! I made it my mission to find products that would allow this to happen. I spent a lot of money but even more time, to do my research, to find the products that my potiential clients would need in order to achieve my mission statement for each and every one of my customers! I am very excited with the products we have right now, even more excited with some of the products we have on the way!

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