http://www.wic-sdsu.org/your-options/You have come to this site to check out the products that my company offers, I am very pleased that you have. I doubt that this will be the only source of information you consider when evaluating my company and allowing us the opportunity to work for you.

I am going to say something here that could risk my being able to work for you, it is something you will not often find a business owner such as myself do. I am going to talk to you in simple straight forward TRUTH! I am going to share with you right here and now a couple of considerations that I believe you should know about. These considerations do not spin my “Energy Shield” product in the best light. But to preserve my personal intergrety, I am going to speak to them.

FIRST Consideration: There has been some governmental testing done in controlled lab conditions. The results of that testing, after you plow thru all of the tables and variables, seem to indicate an expected savings of around 10% or it could be less, hard to decipher all of it.

QUESTION: So why do I talk in terms of my “Energy Shield” product saving on average of 40% or more when the government testing indicates a much smaller savings?

ANSWER: Because we do not live in a labortory testing controlled enviourment, we live in our home!!!

If you trust the Dept of Energy numbers, they state that Cooling and Heating your home is 75% of your over all power bill. If you trust SCE&G more then they say it is 49% of your monthly power bill. No matter what number you go with, Cooling and Heating your home is the largest % of that over all power bill and addressing that portion of your bill should in fact be a high priority for you. I discuss in the FACTS section your choices.

My sales manager has well over 10yrs of experience selling this reflective energy barrier product! The company he came to me from, had over 15 years of selling this type of product. That company guarenteed it’s product to pay for itself in savings over a 5 year period, I do as well. In that 15 year period, that company has NEVER has a single person even as much as request any portion of their money back.

In fact, that company requested 2 months after having their sheild installed, that the customers write a letter telling exactly how they felt about their investment! Over 90% of those letters were customers that raved about how the product achieved even more than they were expecting! They carry around those (as many as their notebook will allow) and not only share those letters but provide phone numbers so the potiential customer can call others with the shield already in their home!

Of course from time to time they will also get a letter that does not rave about the product and they will not share those with you. But even those that are not overly positive do not request their money back, they take the stance of not thrilled but not upset with their decision either.

I have had this product in my home for 2.5 years and I described my home to you, I am thrilled with my $103.00 a month average monthly power bill! But let me share the results of my very first installed customer!

Jim W, we installed this the last couple of days in June. Jim W got the power bill in July, for his June usage, his bill went up $20 from the month before (our product had been in his house for only 1 day)! His July bill recieved in August was about the same as the prior bill, July was EXTREAMLY HOT, with something like 15 consecutive days over 100 degrees! BUT, the bill he recieved in Sept, for his August usage WAS NOT A BILL, IT WAS A COMPLETE CREDIT! You read that right, with all of those aweful hot days we had this August, one of the most hot months we have EVER seen, he had NO POWER BILL TO PAY!

Did YOU have a POWER BILL to pay for cooling YOUR HOME in August of this year? Jim W will be glad to share this with you himself!

I don’t know about you but for me, I will put my faith and trust in people that have this product in their homes, more so than I will a governmental testing under “controlled conditions”. What about you?

SECOND CONSIDERATION: The price per square foot that we charge for our installed product.

ANSWER: We live in the internet age, just about anything you ever wanted to know can be found on this internet that you are on right now! If you take the time to research, you will be able to find my costs (or at least close to it) for my raw materials. If you look hard enough you can find out how much McDonalds spends on the raw materials that make up it’s Big Mac, that doesn’t stop you from buying one and eating it!

I will honestly tell you, I am in business to make a profit and I believe this country is built upon that single notion! I certianly hope the company you work for turns profits because if it doesn’t you will not have your job to much longer!

I buy only the very top grade of material, I will not cheap out on my material costs. You quickly find out when you are in business, your material costs are only a small fraction of your over all expense. Advertizing, labor, saleserson’s comissions, it goes on and on!

If you see my material costs at, let’s say .12 per square foot and I sell it to you for $1.50 per square foot, as most of my competitors do, you get taken aback. You could very well take the stance of I can buy it myself and install it and save a lot of money! (can you believe I even mention this here, I told you, I am going to lay it out straight for you).

Friends, I can change my own oil, it is not hard, so why do I stop by a quick change lube and oil place every 2500 miles and pay over $50? Because I learned a long time ago, I have a garage full of un-finished great ideas that I was going to do for myself and save money on. IT ALWAYS COSTED ME MORE IN THE END and I nearly always ended up having someone that specialized in my do-it-yourself venture to do the job and most of time I had to buy their materials from them and not be able to use what I already had.

Yes, not going to decieve you, you can buy my raw material for a good bit less than our installed charge. BUT when you do business with my company, it is installed right, it is installed to your total satisfaction, it is done now rather than taking up space in your garage for the next 10 years! Click here to see exactly what we do for you when we install our “Energy Shield System”!

Friends, sincerely, I do not sell raw material, I sell solutions that work that reduce your monthly light bill by 40% or MORE! I take a great deal of pride in what I offer you, because my products and my services are making a real difference in everyday people’s lives! The majority of my installations are simply aweful jobs, I have good people and they work hard but the job they do for me is extreamly hard. Unless you want to take on such a nasty and difficult job, I would highly recomend you allow us to handle this for you. If you do not mind doing an installation of this nature, call me, I will be glad to talk to you about working for me and paying you well to do so! That way you know it is done right and you will have our guarentee standing behind that job! By the way, I do NOT sell my “Energy Shield” for $1.50 per square foot as my competitors in SC do and I offer a good deal more services with my program!

CONSIDERATION 3 – I just do NOT want to take on another bill right now and I do not have the money to buy your “Energy Shield” without financing it.

ANSWER: First off, realize it or not, you are ALREADY PAYING THE COST!!!!!! You are simply paying that cost to your Power Company right now! Your Power Bill is 40% higher than it has to be, our “Energy Shield” reduces what you send to the Power Company by 40% or more!

I have a 12 months ZERO INTEREST AND ZERO PAYMENTS option for you! You can actually gain the 40% and more savings on your Power Bill for a FULL 12 months and not have to make a single payment! Maybe you want to wait until that tax refund check comes to you and pay it in full, maybe you just want to keep the interest on your money and pay it off in a year! Maybe you just want to accumlate your Power Bill savings and handle it that way! All kind of options there for the money smart person!

We guarentee that you save the cost of our installed “Energy Shield System” in 5years. But the fact is, what we see is a pay back period of just over 2 years! Home improvement experts will tell you, an investment in your home that pays for itself in less than 3 years is a GREAT INVESTMENT! This even on average carves a year off of it being a GREAT INVESTMENT! Remember what I said in consideration #2, I sell solutions to your problems and those solutions are not ONLY GURANTEED but are classified as A GREAT INVESTMENT OF YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENT DOLLARS!

Friends, if there is another consideration, if there is anything else that you consider, then I sincerly do not know what it is! I have been as open and as candid as I know how to be. I have shared with you in this FAQ section, things my competiors will NEVER share with you. I am not going to hide the considerations that I believe you should look at even at the risk of it costing me your business! I hope you respect the truth and someone with the character to share it with you, if you do, we will do business.

CALL ME TODAY AND LET’S ARRANGE A FREE ASSESSMENT OF WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU! I make you this one pledge here and now, if I do not believe fully, that I can save you 40% or more on your power bill, I will tell you that up front and if I honestly believe I can, I will tell you that to!

David Southern