Product and Services

We offer our basic service and we also offer additional products and services that we can add on to the basic “Energy Shield System”. Most of our products are focused on reducing that monthly power bill but we do have some additional products that you will find extreamly unique as well as extreamly valuable!


energy-shieldThe “ENERGY SHIELD SYSTEM”

The “Energy Shield System” is our basic service, it includes:

1) Installation of the reflective energy barrier product we call “The Energy Shield” – This is a 99.7% Aluminum product with a cross hatched woven milar interface ( to provide tensile strength of over 80lbs/sq ft).

By comparison, the aluminum foil you buy at the grocery store is 13-16% aluminum. The original NASA space suits were made of the same material we place in your home! NASCAR uses a similar material on their new “Car of Tomorrow” race cars, to shield the drivers from the intense heat from their car’s engines.

When we visit with you, we have 2 very simple demonstrations that show you EXACTLY how this product reflects away the heat of the sun that your standard insulation does not. These simple demonstrations will answer any questions you may have as to “does it work”!

2) The “PLUG” – This is a customed build frame that fits up to the opening of your attic door! It is simply slide out of the way when you want to enter your attic and slide back in place when you come back out. We insulate it and we cover it with our “Energy Shield” product! This unit alone has been sold for $300.00 or more, we include it at no additional cost!

That attic door opening is an EXTREAM problem in allowing so much of that summer time heat to come into your living area. It is the one area of most people’s home that has NO INSULATION AT ALL! And it just happens to be located in the hottest area of your home! This one hole costs you a LOT in your monthly Power Bill! We solve this problem for you!

3) Custom built boxes – We consistently find things like house fans (like whole house window fans) that are located in people’s attics. These items have totally open spaces (covered by set of louvers) that allow a huge amounts of heat to transfer from your attic area to your living area. When it is 100 degrees outside, we commonly find the attic temp to be 130 degree or more! We build a cover for these units so that aweful heat does not attack your living area and YOUR MONTHLY POWER BILL! We can easily sell these for $300.00 or more but we INCLUDE THESE AS WELL AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

4) Hot Water Heater Wrap – recall, hot water is 15% of your over all power bill! It takes very little time, after your hot water heater is installed, for the insulation blanket inside the vessal to degrade. It is located right next to a tank full of water and like a sponge draws in the moisture and quick dries! We have a special reflective blanket that we wrap your hot water heater with that does not degrade. This wrap is sold nationwide for $50-$200.00, we INCLUDE THIS ALSO FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

5) We remove the stored items in your attic so we can do our work, you do NOT have to! When we are done, we store them back up in your attic neatly! This gives you the chance to go thru those items and decide what you want to be re-stored back in that attic and what you wish to be hauled off to the dump. Upon request, we will even haul them off for you. I have gone back to clients homes for no other reason than to haul off stuff that I did not have room on my truck to haul off, when we did our work and I do so for no additional charge. I do it just because I consider it just going over and above the call of duty. It is important to me that we give our clients more than they expect when they contract with us, I think that is doing business the RIGHT WAY!

6) If you have attic ventaltion, fans or vents (eve or ridge), we inspect them to insure they are in working order. If we notice any other issues that we feel you need to realize in your attic, we will bring those to your attention as well. You would be amazed at some of the things we see that the homeowner never realized! We not only found 2 snake skins in one attic, but we found the critter the skins came from! Still want to try to do this yourself?

7) X-POWER UNIT – I could not be more thrilled to add this to our basic service! I shouldn’t do it, I should offer this unit ala cart (as a single purchase item). This alone is a $280.00 value and I add one of these units at NO EXTRA CHARGE! I will explain this unit in more detail in it’s own section. This unit alone will save you 10-25% on your monthly Power Bill!





XPOWER UNIT – Brand new ground breaking technology invented by the man that invented picture in picture and caller ID, Greg Dockery!

This amazing unit simply plugs into a wall outlet and requiring NOTHING more, reduces your monthly Power Bill by 10%-25%.


But more than just clipping off that dirty power coming into your home, this amazing unit feeds that clipped off power back in to offset your demand for power! THIS MEANS THE DIRTY POWER THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR RIGHT THIS SECOND, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE AND NOT HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR YOUR USAGE DEMAND! This in simple terms means, that little wheel on your power meter base turns slower and we all know what that means, YOUR MONTHLY POWER BILL IS REDUCED!

We include one of these units at no additional charge with our basic “Energy Shield System”. We do highly recomend that you have 2 of these units in your home!

Why, because power coming into your home of 240 volts, in your circut breaker box (or fuse box if you have older wiring) it is split into 2 “legs” of 110 volts each. This is why most of the electrical items in your home work off of 110volt power. But if you have a unit, like your heat pump, that requires 240volts (as most do, all heat pumps) then the power supplied to them is tapped off of BOTH “legs” of 110 volts, supplying them with the 240volts needed to operate that unit. Sorry to be technical here but I have to be some what to explain this to you.

Because your power supplied to your home is in 2 legs of 110volts each, one unit plugged into a wall outlet will only work on that one leg of 110volts and half of what goes to a unit like a heat pump. This means one unit will be only half as effective as 2 and you NEVER need more than 2 for each meter box!

The one unit we include in our basic service will save you on it’s own 10-25%, 2 of them working together, you do the math! I HIGHLY RECOMEND 2 !!!

The individual cost of one unit is $279.95 and is shipped to you in about 3 weeks, if we do not have them in stock. We will show you exactly where it needs to be plugged in before we leave your home. If we do not install the #Energy Shield” we can easily talk you thru where to plug in the X-Power over the phone. Hard to keep them in stock because the simply sell so quickly! This unit will very shortly gain NATIONAL ATTENTION!

This unit ONLY WORKS on single phase power applications (what you have in your home). By the end of this year, we will have a unit that works on 3-phase power as well, for more large machinary type of applications (industrial). The cost will be a good bit more than the residential units but the savings will be even more extream!!!!

By the way, I am looking for people interested in selling this unit, let me know if you know of someone looking to make some great part time or full time income!



I will tell you straight up, these solar powered attic fans are EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!

But it is even more expensive to not have them! We sell these for $799.00 each (installed). Most homes will need 2 of them for maximum efficiency! Now we do dis-count them to $599.00 when we add them to our basic “Energy Shield System”. I have had to align with special roofing contractors to install these units so they will be gurenteed to not leak water into your attic. Yes, they are expensive, but they are the very best product I have found on the market to remove the heat from your attic.

These units are low profile, most clients will never see them on their home, they are not ugly units like those turbine balls you see on some people’s homes. We locate BOTH the fans as well as the solar panels that drive them in a way as to limit their ability to be seen.

These units are rated to stand against class 5 hurricane winds, your roof may blow off but that fan will still be on that roof!

The very best thing about the solar powered attic fans is they simply work while the sun is out heating up your attic! Do you really need a fan working at midnight in your attic? Do you really need a attic fan to run when it is very dark (cloudy) outside? NO, you need it to work when the sun it out heating up your attic space! AND YOU DO NOT WANT THAT FAN RUNNING AND TAXING YOUR MONTHLY POWER BILL, it is already to high as it is!

You have seen those turbine ball vent fans on a lot of homes as I see them constantly. They don’t tax your power bill either! But I have noticed 2 things about those units.

First, I have noticed so many of them rusted out and not turning! How lovely, a rusted out metal ball on top of my nice house? What have you thought when you have seen such a thing on people’s homes, I don’t believe you thought they were attractive nor if they were not turning, doing anything worthwhile for that home owner. Do you want that?

Second I noticed especially during the extreamly HOT july and august we have just had, the balls that were not rusted out but still not turning? I promise you, if it is 105 degrees outside, your attic ventalation fans had better be turning or it was a total waste of your money!

So, yes, $799.00 for my fans (installed) is a lot of money but it is better than $200-$300 for ones that don’t work! Honestly, you do need to take that heat out of your attic a quickly as you can. Ridge vents and eve vents are great but it takes to long to remove that heat with those, you do need a ventalization fan system and ours is the best I have been able to find!

If you do not remove the intense heat from your attic as quickly as you can, it will prematurely age the shingles on your roof and over tax your HVAC system. I am partnered with a roofing contractor and his company Nu-Roof, makes their living off of prematurely aged roofs. If you already have one, let me know, I can get you a discounted price for his services.


emf-radiation-blockX-Guard EMF Eliminator unit!
This amazing unit is another invention of Greg Dockery!!!

It simply plugs into a wall outlet in a room and it “sinks” off the stray EMF in that room!

OK, so what does that mean? We all know, we would not buy a home located under high tension high power lines, right? We wouldn’t because we all know that there could be some negative health effects from the stray high voltage. We all have heard the concerns about cell phones and the signals that travel thru our body as we talk on them. Our homes are filled these days with electronics and all of them use electricity. Our electricity usage is at an all time high and we add things in our home every day that use more and more power!

We are in essense turning our home into a high tension power line enviroment with stray EMF signals constantly bombarding our bodies and that of our family. Science is just now beginning to get concerned with this situation, we literally do not know what long term effects we will see from it. It could represent a major threat to our long term health or it could be a minor in-convience. Shall we risk it or not, that is the question!

Mr Dockery’s X-Guard unit, removes the risk taking, because it takes those stray EMF signals from your appliances and electronics away before they can enter your body. This may not be a big deal to many of you and for others this may be something that you have a great concern with and look to find a way to relieve the potiential problem. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

We actually have customers that not only out fit every room in their home with these X-Guard units but buy extra units for their kids and have them plug them in their class room power outlets at school!

These units sell for $159.00 each plus shipping and and are recomended for each room of your home. I realize that is a bit expensive for a lot of people and some of you may not even consider the EMF question as real concern. This product is for those of you that do BOTH consider this a concern and are willing to pay the price to remove this potiential threat. In other words, for those not willing to risk the long term health of their family when it can be prevented.


air-purifierX-Gen Air

This product is a air purifier, one unit will handle 2,000 sq ft home, over 2,000 sq ft home you need 2.

It simply removes the smells and filters the bad stuff out of the air and leaves your home smelling great. Similar products that do the same thing sell for $800.00 or more, this unit sells for $159.95 $30.00 shipping and handling.


Products coming SOON!!!


We have all seen these new CFL curly cue light bulbs! I have them evey place I can have them! They last forever and a 60watt bulb uses only 13wtts of power to put off 60 watts of light! That is just awesome and it will definitly save on that Power Bill!

But Mr Dockery has just announced that he will be releasing his new light bulb! AND GET THIS, IT WILL ONLY USE 2WATTS OF POWER TO GIVE OFF THAT 60WATTS OF LIGHT!!!!!!!!

I do not know what it will look like or what it will cost but do understand it will last as long if not longer than those new bulbs everyone is putting in now!

We will update this site and add them to our product mix as soon as they become available!


This is also suppose to increase your horse power as well as make you engine run smoother! It is in the beta testing stages right now and I am a part of that testing!

There will be 2 versions of this, I am part of a testing program for one version of it and BOTH will be made available. I will install the version I have right now on my Chevy Avalanche within the next few days (when I have gone thru this tank of gas). I get 14.3 MPG right now and am excited to see what this does for my truck!

The test program I am in right now will allow us to have the data to provide the EPA and know what savings we will be allowed to market. I do not know what it will cost and I do not know if both chips will work together for double the savings. But as soon as that becomes available, they will be here for sale!


fire-alarmFire and Smoke/Heat Alarms (Limited supply)
I have a limited number of heat alarms as well as heat/smoke alarms in inventory. I will NOT be ordering these in the future because they simply do not fit my company mission statement! I also have BOTH the 115dgree sensers as well as the 175degree sensers (for the attic) available for $10.00 each, half price!

However, these units, Masterguard brand, are sold nationwide for nearly $400 each (they are brand new units, never hung in a home), I am letting them go for $200 each plus $30.00 shipping or no shipping if we do an “Energy Shield System” installation for you (we are already there so shipping is not needed).

These units are by far the best on the market in the way of heat and smoke alarms. There has never been a death due to a fire of anyone with these units fully installed in a home.