Your Options

First we know, those monthly POWER BILLS and not getting lower! Meaning, the cost per killo-watt hour (what the POWER COMPANY charges you by) are going up every day.

My POWER COMPANY is projecting our cost per killo-watt hour to as much as double within the next 3 years. That means if those monthly POWER BILLS are hard to pay now, they will be twice as hard to pay in the near future!

NOW, would be a pretty good time to do something about it, rather than later when things get worse.




1) You could re-insulate your home, it would certianly help. Insulation does a great job handling the conducted and convected transfers of heat into your home.

BUT, the largest source of heat coming into your home is the radiated heat of the sun. We all know it gets hotter in your home when the sun is out!

FACT: Standard insulation does not handle radiated heat from the sun!

FACT: Standard insulation must be replaced every 5-12 years, depending on what you buy.

FACT: Insulation is going to cost you $1,000 to $5,000 or MORE!

FACT: If your insulation is a barrier to moisture, it will cost you even more!

FACT: To meet new building code standards in most areas, you will need R-49 (16″ of insulation in your attic). If you compress insulation, you reduce the R-value of it! For R-49 of batted insulation, you must gently lay a layer of R-19 over a layer of R-30, because they do not make R-49 by itself! How crazy is that????

FACT: Per the Energy Star web site, re-insulating and sealing your home could save you up to 20% on your current power bill.

2) You could upgrade your current Cooling and heating system! That would be a great idea, just realize there is a cost with this!

These units are rated now based on a SEER number, SEER standing for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. In plain terms that means, the higher number SEER, the more efficient your HVAC unit will be, meaning the less it will cost you each month in your POWER BILL.

If your current HVAC system is much over 5yrs old it is no more than a 10 SEER, very likely much less than that and a 10 SEER is no longer considered energy efficient.

What you will be able to buy now is some place between a 13-16 SEER unit. Going to cost you from $2,800-$6,000 or more.

FACT: The HVAC unit you have now is not even as energy efficient as it was when you bought it! Your HVAC unit is a machine and like all other machines wears out the more it has to work. Your current HVAC system has worked nearly 24/7 ever since the day it was installed. Look at it this way, would you spend good money on a used Taxi? As it relates to a car, your current HVAC system is a Taxi cab! It will continue to become less and less efficient until one day it just stops and you have no choice but to replace it.

FACT: Replacing your current HVAC system could save you 25%-35% on average on your monthly power bill. That is solid savings but when you consider the up front cost, would it really save you the amount that would add value to you?

FACT: Home improvement experts tell us, if a home improvement of this nature pays for itself within a 3year period, it was a great investment. If it doesn’t, then you may want to think twice about it!

If your new HVAC system costs you $5,000 installed, that means it would have to save you at least $5,000 in the first 3yrs to be considered a great investment. That means you would have to pay $1,667.00 a year less for your power or in other words, your average power bill would have to be $138.89 a month less, for this to be considered a great investment!

That new HVAC system will save you on average 25%-35% on your monthly light bill. YOU DO THE MATH!

3) You could allow my company to work with you at a cost typical of what you would spend for un-installed insulation! We can put a solution to your problem that is a life time solution and has the extra added benifit of extending the life of BOTH your current insulation as well as your current HVAC system! I am not suggesting you not upgrade your current insulation when you can and I am certianly not suggesting you NOT replace that worn out HVAC system when you can financially afford to. But I am suggesting that we have a more cost effective solution to your problem right now!

4) Your 4th and final solution is to DO NOTHING! Do nothing and continue to pay more than you have to, continue to send money each month to your POWER COMPANY that could be better used for your family. When you do nothing, you get what you get and it costs what it costs….