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In pressure-equalized, "rainscreen" cavity wall systems, the primary drainage plane, and principal air barrier are located in the same plane between the wet and dry zones of the wall assembly.

Building Envelope Thermal & Moisture Analysis

The dew point analysis in Table 1 illustrates how heat transfer analysis can be used to determine the risk of moisture. THERM predicts the temperature across the various components of an assembly; however, it does not model the moisture content.

Real R-Value of Exterior Insulated Wall Assemblies

o steel stud backup walls with rainscreen cladding of some sort (historically, insulation was confined to the stud cavity, more recently passes through the exterior insulation depending on the cladding system. The above wall systems readily transfer to other

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StoTherm ci Systems integrate the following key elements continuous insulation (ci), Prevents condensation* and freeze damage by placing the dew point outside the stud wall cavity. Reduced Structural Loads Systems, as low as L/240, are very

Korax Technologies Inc. | Rainscreen Wall Panel

The Korax RainScreen Panel Incorporating the Korax RainScreen Panel into any system is the most effective method of managing moisture in exterior wall assemblies because of the the incorporation of a rain screen. By doing so, water entering the wall

Are Dew-Point Calculations Really Necessary? | GreenBuildingAdvisor.com

Are Dew-Point Calculations Really Necessary? How to perform dew-point calculations — and why it's possible to design a high-performance wall without performing Most builders understand that condensation can form when warm, moist air encounters a cold

Rainscreens Offer Moisture Protection, Added Insulation For Buildings

Rainscreens Offer Moisture Protection, Added Insulation For Buildings This article on rainscreen systems is contributed by Western which provides greater durability and moisture protection to an otherwise ordinary wall. A compromise in a rainscreen system

Rainscreen Systems Provide Superior Moisture Protection | | Walls & Ceilings Online

One of the most successful technologies used today to deter rainwater intrusion into a building's exterior wall and protect its envelope is the rainscreen system. Introduced more than 20 years ago in the United States, rainscreen technology has continued to

Optimizing wall performance: Using rainscreen metal walls for high-performance walls

Optimizing wall performance: Using rainscreen metal walls for high-performance walls By Administrator Posted November 29, 2012 Exterior Insulation to moderate the temperature of the wall cavity, and help reduce the potential for dew point condensation

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Thermal and Moisture Control in Exterior Metal Walls Achieving durable, economical, and sustainable metal wall systems This course is no longer active

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Rainscreen cladding Today’s rainscreen systems offer unique aesthetic and performance benefits: Contemporary. The system’s effectiveness is maintained even when unfavourable internal or external atmospheric conditions are experienced. e. Any moisture

The different types of rainscreen systems

The system works using a warm cavity which provides a dew point close to the outside, ensuring a very low risk of moisture penetrating the system. This type of rainscreen cladding shouldn’t be used on buildings more than 4 storeys high. The higher the

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THERMAX WALL SYSTEM ULTRA AIR BARRIER WALL SYSTEM Building Code Guides Our self-service resources can help guide you to determine the best design strategies and most efficient building materials to meet your project needs. There are hundreds

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Vertibreak rainscreen insulation is an exterior wall insulation panel system that provides both insulation and an air/ drainage rainscreen cavity in one product. Fast & Easy to Install Reduced Labour & Framing Costs Durable , Lightweight and Easily Transported

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